DSCN2887Ric Curtin ASSG is a sound designer and post-production sound mixer for film and documentary feature and series productions. His 40-plus year career in audio has encompassed music production and television sound, as well as post-production, and he constructed and ran several studios (Singapore and Perth) before setting up his own independent facility, Curtin Productions.

He is accredited by the Australian Screen Sound Guild.

Ric has been nominated for, and won, many awards for his sound work and has been recognised by his peers with a Western Australian screen industry Practitioner of the Year award and by an Australian Government Centenary Medal for services to the film industry.

He has lectured in sound at several Western Australian tertiary institutions, and is a product specialist (Swiss-trained) for Pyramix digital audio workstations. He was a member of the ScreenWest board from 2004 to 2005, and is the current WA representative for the Australian Screen Sound Guild.

Through Curtin Productions, he is able to draw on a lifetime of experience in sound to offer consultancy services and to coordinate all aspects of a sound project, from pre-production to delivery.


Curtin Productions is one of Western Australia’s leading audio post-production facilities.

At the core of Curtin Productions’ operations are sound design, sound mixing and sound editing, using Pyramix digital audio technology. We are also able to draw on a well-established network of effects editors and foley artists, when needed.

Our work can be seen on air regularly in Australia, as well as in England on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, and with 5.1 mixes going to Discovery Channel, History Channel and National Geographic HD for world-wide distribution.

Representative projects include:

Hounds of Love (feature film, Factor 30 Films)
Bad Girl (feature film Curious Films)
Whiteley the film
(feature documentary Northern Pictures)
Hotel Coolgardie
(feature documentary Raw and Cooked Media)
Outback Pilots
(TV series, Prospero Productions)
Railroad Australia (TV series, Prospero Productions)
The War that Changed Us (four-part TV documentary, Electric Pictures)
The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator (documentary, Sea Dog Films)
The Reckoning (feature film, Filmscope Entertainment)
Karroyul (short film, Factor 30 Films)
Shaun Micallef”s Stairway to Heaven (TV series, Artemis International)
‘Abbreviation’, chapter of The Turning (feature film, Arenamedia)
An Accidental Soldier (telemovie, Taylor Media)
Jandamarra’s War (documentary, Electric Pictures)
Tango Underpants (short film)
Outback Truckers (ongoing TV series, Prospero Productions)
Blame (feature film, 3monkey/Factor 30 Films)

Lily, the studio cat (when she feels like it)

Lily, the studio cat (when she feels like it)

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