See Tango in action

Overview Redo 1_000000Some seven years ago, when I built my current studio, I wanted to find a controller to use with my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), Pyramix. Pyramix is a great DAW for the work I do but, like all computer-based DAWs, it is controlled by mouse—and trying to mix onscreen with a mouse is just not user-friendly. I trialled different controllers but wasn’t happy with any of them. And then Frank Hinton, from ATT Audio Controls, sent me a SmartAV Tango controller on trial.

I was keen to try the Tango, as I knew it had been designed by Joseph (Joe) Narai. I had used Joe’s DSP Post Station DAW many years before, and it was way ahead of its time. So I tested the Tango—and Frank never got it back!

Since then, Tango has gone from strength to strength, its development driven largely by feedback from users. Within a week of installing it, I was on the phone with Joe, suggesting improvements, and he was implementing them.

Tango has many clever features, especially when used in conjunction with Pyramix, and it has sped up my work flow considerably.Editing Redo 1_000001

Because of my enthusiasm for the product, I have worked with user groups, trained individual users and demonstrated the Tango at shows, including the IBC Exhibition in Amsterdam last year.

After the Amsterdam show, Roger Savage, the owner of SmartAV, raised the idea of my making a video showing some of the ways I’ve used the Tango to improve my operations. I agreed—and ended up making three! So if you’re interested in checking out how I work with Tango, head over to the Videos page.

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One response to “See Tango in action

  1. Larry Elliott

    Brilliant Ric – Hope you are on a commission for each unit that is sold after viewing your videos.  Think I need to go and get some lotto tickets 😉

    Following up on the V10 mixer – no problem if I use Mono Strips – only Stereo

    Best wishes


    Larry ElliottVivante Recording

    +64 21 942 773

    Skype Larry_Elliott


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